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Flame Retardant Paints & Coatings

  • We sell Class "A" and Class "B" intumescent paints and coatings
  • WT-102 is a Class A fire retardant paint availalbe in white, black or color-base for mixing of custom colors.  User water-soluble dispersible tint.  Tinting Guidelines are available and should be followed.  Custom tinting is available for minimum orders.
  • The paints can be used as primer.
  • The paints can be used over wood and other decorative surfaces
  • WT-102 provides excellent coverage where a Class A flame spread is desired.
  • WT-103 is a clear matte finish, Class B
  • FR-10 is a clear semi-gloss, Class B 
  • The clear coatings can be used over wood, fiberboard, plasterboard, cardboard, foliage and other decorative surfaces


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