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For 50 years we have been providing expert fabric care for residential, commercial, and institutional customers interested in quality work at affortable prices.


  • The Right People
    We employ fabric care specialists, Guaranteed On Site™ certified technicians, and state certified flame retardant applicators.
  • The Right Equipment
    Our equipment is designed to allow us to wet clean or dry clean any type of fabric window treatment or upholstery onsite. We use professional equipment to properly apply soil guard and flame retardant. 
  • The Right Quality
    All of our processes guarantee no shrinkage or damage. Our company and staff perform the highest quality of work.


  • 50 years of knowledge in the handling of fabrics and fabric care.
  • 50 years of servicing drapes and window treatments.
  • 50 years of remaining on the cutting edge in our industry.

Now, new technology allows us to clean drapes, curtains, fabric window treatments and upholstery at your home or business without having to take them down.

Guaranteed On Site™ is committed to providing the highest level of customer service, We are flexible in scheduling around the customer's needs, We strive to make our customers completely satisfied GUARANTEED!

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