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Flame Retardant Application

As Certified Flame Retardant Applicators, Guaranteed On-Site™ offers the following services:


  • Our process meets NFPA 701 and other NFPA and IBC codes.
  • We will quickly correct existing code violations on free hanging decorative materials such as draperies, window and wall coverings as well as furniture and other wood products.
  • We perform our advanced flame retardant process on-site or off-site.
  • We use only products with  Class "A" and Class "B" ratings.
  • We use NFPA 705 field flame testing procedures prior to treatment when possible.
  • All treated materials are labeled with the Registered Flame Retardant, date of application and expiration.
  • All customers receive a Certificate of Flame Resistance and/or Affidavit.
  • Our trained, certified technicians remain mindful of your business environment and provide fast, professional service.

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